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how to cut a ripe mango


1. Wash the mango by washing off all the soil and residue on the skin. It’s also a good idea to soak mangoes in water for 15 minutes.  Mangoes have a lot of heat, and the soaking process makes them more temperature neutral. Once soaked, remove them from water and refrigerate or cut them to enjoy immediately.

Mango being soaked before it is cut.

2. Cut a small little circle off around the stem to get rid of it. About half an inch from the stem on either side. The seed will guide you as you get deeper and the rough fibers will let you know if you are too close to the seed. But again, get as close so you don’t waste any of the juicy fruit.

Cheeks of a mango being cut out.
Cheeks of a mango being cut out.

3. Repeat the wedge technique on either side of the cheek to slice off another segment.

Wedges being cut out from both the sides of the seed of the mango.

4. You can further cut  into straight wedges. After cutting out the wedges, you will be left with the seed.

Vertical cuts being made on a mango to cut it into dices.

5. Hold one of the Slice in your palm and use a paring knife to make horizontal and vertical cuts. Then you can use a spoon to scoop out the flesh and get perfect mango dices.

Horizontal cuts being made on a mango to cut it into dices.
An unpeeled mango cut into dices being spooned out.

Optional – Take a clean sharp-edged glass and holding the skin of the slice in your palm, slide the glass at the lower edge and gently slide along the shape of the mango and the whole semi oval shaped pulp will fall right into the glass. Repeat till all the pulp is extracted.


To cut a mango, start by peeling the mango gently. It’s important to pick mangoes that are firm and do not have dents in the skin or feel too soft on touch. While peeling a mango, take care that you don’t use too much pressure as you may land up flinging the slippery fruit out of your hand and on the floor or again, you may just squeeze and waste some precious pulp in the process.

1. Carefully peel the skin off the mango in a way that does not waste the pulp. You can do this by placing your knife/peeler on top and bringing it all the way down to take the peel off in one smooth motion.

A mango being peeled by a black peeler.

2. When it comes to cutting the cheeks, the process is the same as the one described in the method above.

Cheeks of a peeled mango being cut out.

3. If you wish to make small dices make delicate cuts horizontally and vertically forming a grid on the slice. Alternatively, if you like wedges then just make vertical cuts as per the thickness required

A peeled mango being cut into really thin wedges.
A peeled mango cut into really thin wedges and dices.

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