About Us

Last updated: 2022-01-27

Welcome to Prakruti Farm, we at prakruti farm strongly believe in the preservation and authenticity of natural products and their taste. so to bring justice to our belief prakruti farm was established in 2006 by Gopal Vachhani with the motto of providing organic, natural, and healthy products.

Currently, our farm is the largest in Gujarat for Kesar mangoes of approx. 60000+ mango trees planted with the latest Israel technology. We have a Guava plantation of 30000 plants that are 100% organically maintained. We follow Natural farming methods which consist of JIVAMRUT natural fertilizer made from cow dung, urine, and many other natural elements prepared at our farm only. we use an organic medicines for pest such as neem and other natural elements which keeps the pests away.

We deliver all our products fresh directly from our farm to your plate so the essence of the natural taste is not lost. And due to this process, the amazing flavor of our mangoes and guava is maintained with all its richness till the point of consumption.

Our mango farm is known for its excellence and massive natural mango production system. Our Kesar Mangoes are marketed to clients across the Indian Subcontinent as well as we do export across the world.

Our Taiwan pink guava is one of its best kind available in market and we have 100 % reorder ratio till now. Our guava are big in size, less seeds and the taste which our ancestors used to get. the same old natural sweetness and aroma.

Our product range is reckoned for quality attributes such as freshness, rich nutrients, and fiber content.
We are on the mission to be a one-stop producer and supplier of all the organic products which we can and to achieve our mission we are actively doing R&D on new crops and new farming methods to cultivate them. In the next few years, we are going to add apple ber, dragon fruit and many more fruits to our existing catalog and give our customers not only organic products but a truly natural experience.